"The Baby"

Age: 9 years old
Fun Fact: Clark is frequently mistaken to be the fraternal twin of his older sister Sylvia!
Pet Peeve: Preemption of favourite cartoons for breaking national news
Most Likely to Say: "Stop! I'm watching TV!"; "Grr... SYLVIA!!"

"The Proper Nuisance"

Age: 11 years old (physically)
Fun Fact: Though afflicted with a speech impediment, Sylvia does not allow her inability to speak clearly to slow her down verbally!
Pet Peeve: House rules for Monopoly (or any other complicated board game); Dead mice in molasses cartons
Most Likely to Say: "I-I-I wish I had some... some ham!" ; "There's... there's nothing wrong with ME!"

"Just Like His Old Man"

Age: 13 years old (but acts much older)
Fun Fact: Ironically called "Man of the House" by his mother and grandmother, Ken is considered quite dangerous with a chainsaw, screwdriver, or 9-volt battery!
Pet Peeve: People who crease the back cover of his MAD Magazines trying to see the "Fold-In"
Most Likely to Say: "But I didn't even DO anything!" ; "Stop petting her - she's MY cat!"

"The Mother and the Father"

Age: mid-30s
Fun Fact: Glenda, besides being the mother of three children, has also worked tirelessly as a full-time welfare recipient for years!
Pet Peeve: Pretty much everything
Most Likely to Say: "What, are you tryin' to send me into the mental? Where they hooks WIRES up to your head?" ; "I got a pain in the stomach!"

"Old as Buckley's Goat"

Age: 70-something (we think...)
Fun Fact: True to her Irish heritage, Gran's true passion (gardening) has been second only to her drive to receive first aid incurred during gardening-related mishaps.
Pet Peeve: That FUCKIN' [beloved family pet]
Most Likely to Say: "That's a mortal sin, now, that is!" ; "Don't mind your mother - she have a problem!"

BREN COLLINS (a.k.a. Poor Ol' Bren Collins to his friend, in secret, behind his back) is the adult survivor of childhood. The Wretched and the Poor is his attempt to recreate those days of misery in 2-dimensional format - in COLOR!

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