Yuri Zinga and Dr. Silo Keffens were little more than clerks in the Galactic Federation, but they were offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to act as ambassadors for the Federation. They gladly accepted the offer and found themselves on Achrinom, a planet the Federation wished to form an alliance with. Unfortunately, things on Achrinom were not as they seemed and Yuri and Silo were quickly faced with much more than they were ever prepared for.

Phoebe Kanzaki was a troubled soul with a dark past that haunted her. She was not able to enjoy even the simplest things life had to offer. There was no peace in her tortured soul and no love in her heart. She set out from her foster home with a single goal in her sights: the death of the man who had ruined her life.

Captain Exetre was considered a hero once. He was loved by his peers, his superiors and the general population of Achrinom. Now, he is wanted for murder, domestic abuse and many other serious offenses, some of which were committed right in front of very reliable witnesses.

The strange thing is, Exetre was never actually present when these crimes occurred. Faced with execution for the crimes of which he stands accused, Exetre is left with no choice -- he must flee from his home planet with his companions if he ever hopes to clear his name. But how does one escape from a planet in the grip of the galaxy's deadliest race?

This is the first book in the Captain Exetre series.

Price: $12.98 ($4.99 on iTunes)
ISBN: 978-1-4303-1829-3
Format: Paperback
Category: Science-fiction
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 172

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