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Drifter is the main character. He's the founder of the intergalactic musical group Galactic Drifter; he plays bass and sings back-up. Drifter has tried for a long time to get his group noticed, but despite the band's talent it has never landed a recording contract or the chance to play any reputable venues. He's not a very talkative fellow and doesn't have much of a sense of humor. His innermost thoughts either come out through his song lyrics or to whatever secrets he tells to Fiona.

Fiona is Drifter's squeeze and is also Galactic Drifter's lead vocalist and keyboardist. She is also the one who usually composes the music for Drifter's lyrics. Fiona is a great admirer of art and music, even the pieces considered junk by most others. While neither bubbly nor bouncy she is positive and optimistic, and her unwavering support is one of the few things that keeps Drifter going. She usually gets a severe case of stage fright before a performance but always manages to come alive when the music starts.

This high-spirited singer-songwriter is the star of a band called "Nebula's Edge Rangers," but it seems there's disharmony amidst its members. She appears to have a connection to Galactic Drifter's members... but what could it be?

Royal is Galactic Drifter's guitarist. His brilliance with a guitar is an amazing contrast to his personality; he's such an imbecile that quite often even his best friend Drifter can't stand him. As far as everyone knows, Royal doesn't abuse any sort of substance (they figure this idiot couldn't hide it if he did!) but they are also frequently at a total loss to explain his stupidity. He evidently keeps his brain cleared of any useful information so he can focus on music; his playing is unparalleled and he can learn and remember any song in mere moments.

Sasha is the band's drummer and is a notorious recluse, spending whatever time she has away from the band in solitude. No one is really sure why such a loner agreed to drum for the group in the first place, but no matter what the reason she does not disappoint and drums perfectly every time.

Lisa is a friend of Fiona and works with her at the hair salon. She doesn't enjoy the job much and hopes to find something better. In her spare time Lisa likes to play the guitar, though she hasn't appeared interested in joining the band. Only time will tell if she becomes Galactic Drifter's newest member or not.

This laughter-filled girl drives the other members of the band (except Royal) insane, but in their need for a rhythm guitarist they decided to take what they could get. Despite her annoying behavior, she is quite talented and has more than a couple of helpful tricks up her invisible sleeve to get the band closer to its dream of stardom.

Fiona's older sister. She's less lively and optimistic than Fiona, but is in general a positive person. She has a greater business sense than her younger sister and a good memory. Recently she has come to stay with Drifter and Fiona because she is divorcing her husband, an experience that has left her extremely vulnerable and shaken; she has also become the band's manager.

A very large but gentle man, Wrench is a professional mechanic, Sasha's boss and the owner and manager of the Blasterstar Garage. He usually presents himself as a very simple person, but at times he lets a far more insightful side show.

Xavier Arcelay
Xavier is an electrician and a high school friend of Wrench. He slipped Sasha a note after seeing her at the Sparkledust and soon afterward they began dating. Recently he has become the band's official roadie.

Guinevere Nerlameston
This mysterious musician has become an acquaintance of Sasha's after a chance meeting at a restaurant. Guinevere seems consistently unhappy but doesn't say why, and though she excels at the flute, she hates the instrument. She has recently become a target of Equa's affections, but only time will tell if she returns those feelings.

Gwaelin meets this nice guy at Cheng Forn's during the band's most successful gig and gives him her phone number before she even realizes it. Maybe we'll see him again soon, or maybe we won't.

The Hyper-Level Nova Revengers are three very violent women who are not afraid to take matters into their own hands whenever they have been wronged. The trio stars in a very long-running series of films that Drifter, Fiona and Sasha love to watch. The three Revengers are:

She may be small and innocent-looking, but this gal is deadly when riled and her twin blasters always hit their targets. When things are going well, she enjoys wisecracking and getting on Zelda's nerves. Tinzet is played by actress Willamina "Mina" Fuzzlesworth.

The tallest Revenger doesn't say much, and whenever she does speak she's usually insulting someone. She is one of the few people in the galaxy to master the deadly Plasma Whip, a weapon which seldom fails her. Zelda is played by actress Holly Tenniper.

Ahnkha is the trio's most well-rounded fighter, being both a precise blasterslinger and a lethal hand-to-hand fighter. Because she is an expert tactician, she often assumes the role of unofficial leader. Ahnkha is played by actress Lina Guilenfire.

For more info on the Revengers, check out their own series.

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