These are web comics that I enjoy reading. I heartily recommend them for your reading pleasure!

  • Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio. This comic mixes crazy humor, Victorian design, magic and science and incredible action all into one totally absorbing experience. Agatha Heterodyne is a spark and a genius, and also a bit of an airhead. One day she finds herself right smack in the path of Baron Wulfenbach, and from that point on, all hell breaks loose. Oh, and there's a talking kitty, too.
  • Lackadaisy by Tracy J Butler. Set in St. Louis, Missouri during the Prohibition Era, this beautifully drawn sepia-toned comic follows the hard times of the Lackadaisy speakeasy following the death of its founder, Atlas May. Much of the action centers around a bumbling musician-turned-runner named Rocky, whose luck seems to make up for his lack of common sense. The roaring twenties are the cat's meow.
  • Treading Ground by Nick Wright. Nate is one of those guys who just can't seem to get a break. Luckily, his misadventures are great entertainment for us! This comic isn't updated as regularly as it once was, but there's life in it yet, and the archives are always great to browse! Wright is now even including videos, so give it a look!
  • Oglaf by Trudy Cooper. Medieval setting. Magic spells. Lots of sex! This is one of the funniest comics I've read in a long time, and so NOT SAFE FOR WORK it's a guaranteed guilty pleasure (even if you feel no guilt at all)! Ever seen Korgoth of Barbaria? This is kind of like that. Only a lot better.
  • Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques. Marten is just your typical indie-rock kinda guy, with a sharp sense of humor, an emotionally troubled female roommate named Faye and a smart-ass AnthroPC named Pintsize whose weakness is cake mix. This is a very funny comic with a good story to go with it.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del by Tim Buckley. Any fan of video games should get a big kick out of this one. This comic chronicles the ongoing misadventures of a doofus named Ethan, his saner roommate Lucas and Ethan's fiancee Lilah alongside humorous commentary of the things that go on in the video gaming world, both significant and trivial.
  • Actus Reus by Sphix. This webcomic uses photographs instead of drawings to tell the story of a troubled Ethan (not the same Ethan from Ctrl+Alt+Del obviously) and his malevolent inner demon. Things are going to get much harder for him before they ever get easier...
  • Homestar Runner by Michael and Matthew Chapman (the Brothers Chaps). Not a web comic really, but a flash animation series with an oddball sense of humor and an even more oddball cast of characters. Besides the dim-witted Homestar himself, there's the good-natured Marzipan, the gloomy Strong Sad, the non-sequitur-spouting Homsar and the antagonistic Strong Bad, who answers the web site's e-mail. And that's just for starters. Powered by The Cheat.
  • Neurotically Yours by Jonathan Ian Mathers. Another flash animation series, this one focusing on the not-so-peaceful life of a Wiccan named Germaine and her foul-mouthed, hot-tempered squirrel friend, Foamy. Foamy is filled with "squirrely wrath" and rants about a number of different things whether anyone wishes to hear his opinion or not. I personally enjoy listening to his anger-ridden songs.
  • Chainsaw Comics by Various Artists. This site contains a vast archive of comics by many different artists. I list it mainly because it includes comics by Bren Collins; I highly recommend his work. You'll see why when you read it.


  • Ghastly's Ghastly Comic by Ghastly. What do you get when you bring together two tentacle monsters, a thirty-something chibi, a woman who loves tentacle rape and a towering, mild-mannered bartender? You get one hilarious comic that is worth reading over and over again. I could gush all day about how great this comic is, but why take my word for it? Check it out!
  • Badly Drawn Kitties by Mat Sherer. I don't think it's badly drawn, but I DO think it's hilarious! When you want a playful and naughty comic about anthropomorphic cats with big eyes and lives of mischief, this is the one to check out!

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