November 2014
Hello, everyone!

No matter what I try, I can only barely make enough time for one comic anymore. I'm going to continue to try for more, but in the meantime, at least one comic is still going! Come on in and check out Hyper-Level Nova Revengers!

Now that the first story of the series has completed its run on the website, it's time to get the graphic novel and see all the extra stuff you missed! The graphic novel features more than 50 additional pages of material, including entire additional scenes, a complete roster of Rangers in the 75th Legion and a whole lot more! With four different formats (two of them available on Amazon), there's a copy of this book for every Revengers fan, so don't wait around; get your copy now!

Galactic Drifter status: no change. I have yet to gain the time I need to get it back up and running, but I promise I am working on it. I've heard all of you fans who are wanting its return, so don't think you're being ignored! This hiatus has lasted far longer than I ever wanted (and I never wanted it in the first place), but it won't last forever. I'll have more info later, so be sure to keep checking back!

Family Crest status: stalled. I'm sorry. I will find some way to bring both series back. I need more time. I'm doing what I can; please be patient with me. Thank you!

And don't forget to check out the shop for great gift items, everyone!

I'll do my best to keep entertaining you!
- Ivan

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