This kitty's name is Milo! Milo likes to learn! In this fun children's book, Milo examines the alphabet and teaches children about all the different sounds the letters make! Some of the letters make more than one sound, so Milo spends more time with some letters than with others, covering each sound made by each letter. Milo makes learning the sounds of the alphabet fun in a book that can be read aloud by parents and children alike!

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Paperback, 6" X 9"
68 pages

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Paperback, 8.5" X 11"
ISBN: 978-1-4357-1423-6
68 pages

Order your copy today and have fun learning with Milo!

Kitty Milo T-ShirtKITTY MILO T-SHIRT (2007)

Hey look; Kitty Milo now has his own shirt! It's the perfect shirt for your children to wear and let everyone know that they like to learn too!

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