Zelda Valentine only wanted to have a drink and head home. Instead of the peace she sought, she was given a rude interruption by three sloppy thugs. It seemed like quite a meaningless encounter at first, but it quickly became clear the incident bore an unexpected benefit.

For longer than she cared to recall, she harbored a deep hatred for a very ruthless underground operation. The dealings of this group had contributed to a personal tragedy in Zelda's past. Now, thanks to the bumbling of the three thugs, Zelda finally had a chance to settle the score.

However, getting her revenge wasn't going to be so simple. She had to figure out how to find them first, and then she had to figure out how to get inside their hidden base. Fortunately for her, her friends Tinzet Beamlighter and Ahnkha Aradamae were more than willing to help her.

At last she could bring down a destructive group -- the group known only as Ichisah!

ISBN: 978-1-105-59952-1

Pages: 308

Price: $18.00

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