There is no rest for a Revenger. No sooner had Tinzet forked over her money to a self-described informant than said informant chose to flee, leading her on a wild chase all throughout the city. But she would soon discover that the actions of this two-bit thief were really the least of her worries.

A sniper, who had been shadowing the Revengers for some time, was evidently growing restless and firing on them at every available opportunity. Neither Tinzet nor her fellow Revengers, Zelda and Ahnkha, had any idea who this sniper was or why they were the targets. What Tinzet did know was that she was becoming very tired of being used as target practice.

With the attacks growing more and more frequent and the blasts coming ever closer to her head, Tinzet elected to put both of her pressing issues to rest -- without being put to rest herself!

Includes 20 pages of material not seen in the web version!

Format: Black & White Paperback Category: Graphic Novel Size: 8.5 x 11 Pages: 152 ISBN: 978-1-312-54272-3 Price: $24.00

Format: Full Color Paperback Category: Graphic Novel Size: 8.5 x 11 Pages: 152 ISBN: Price: $37.00

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