Without a guide, without a plan... without a choice...

Ramona Kate Cyanberry has a mission and a duty. It is her responsibility to protect the powerful but timid sorceress Isabelle Periquay, and to escort two brothers, cleric Danzer and swordfighter Denler, safely to a town of their choosing. But life is seldom as simple as mission parameters.

Ramona and her companions only wished to spend the night in a small town to rest and recuperate. Instead, the townspeople forced the quartet underground to deal with a pack of thieves led by the mysterious Thiefmaster Rowan.

Without even a chance to eat or sleep, Ramona and her friends reluctantly accepted their situation and ventured into the caves with only two torches to aid them. They are tired, hungry and, perhaps worst of all...


This book contains the Preact in its entirety, with the following extras:

...and more!

Price: Color Paperback - $36.00
Color Download - $5.00
Black and White Paperback - $14.00
Black and White Download - $4.00
ISBN: (Black and white version) 978-1-257-23618-3
Format: Paperback (Also download)
Category: Fantasy / Graphic Novel
Size: 8.5 x 11 (All print versions)
Pages: 140

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